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Does bipolar disorder ruin relationships dating

We had many great times together and enjoyed each others company. Johnson stressed the importance of using relaxation techniques and not using avoidance behaviors. It can trigger negative reactions that could lead to self-harm, self-loathing or worse. While treatments for bipolar disorder can help control the condition, it will be a constant battle throughout his or her life.

Your partner is dangerous. Exercise helps to reduce depressive symptoms. Reiss said the nature of the commitment can be a factor in deciding whether to leave. For instance, if you feel groggy, your doctor might suggest taking your medication in the evening, she said.

She also sees loved ones have difficulty distinguishing between the illness and the person. We learned how to better cope as a couple. When these manic and depressive episodes occur over and over again, your bipolar symptoms can hurt the trust and commitment in your relationship. Do try to be compassionate, but be ready to have that compassion rejected without taking it personally.

Acknowledge that how the other person reacts, and their ability to maintain even a superficial or polite relationship after a perceived rejection, may be inherently limited and beyond your control. Depending on which chart you use, you can record everything from your mood to the number of hours you slept, your anxiety level, medication compliance and menstrual cycle, she said. You will see, from close up, the effects of mania and depression.

Finding the right medication or combination of medications can seem like a daunting process. At those times she was pulling away but we would have heart to heart talks and would work out the issue at hand.

She told me a few months into the relationship that she had a mental illness, was bi-polar and was on lithium. Your good mood and energy may be infectious, says Tesar. Individual therapy, family therapy and support groups can help. Learn as much as you can about mood-stabilizing medications, Johnson said, including their potential side effects.

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