Dogs that look intimidating

Dogs that look intimidating

Although the Mastiff can weigh more

It is often said that the Fila Brasileiro can be highly aggressive towards strangers if not correctly trained. Prospective owners should consider the implications of owning a pit based on their lifestyle, home environment, and those who live around them. Coupled with an intelligent sensibility, Pits can make for wonderfully obedient companions that will never pose any danger to their owners or the community.

Although the Mastiff can weigh more than pounds, he loves to lean on his family and lie at their feet. They develop muscles at an accelerated rate and enjoy using them in the form of playing and, yes, this sometimes means physical contact. Due to their athletic build and intelligence, they make the ideal partner in carrying out police work. The breeds listed below are those which have been involved in numerous incidents. During the days of slavery the Fila was allegedly used to return fugitive slaves, unharmed, to their masters.

Usually a very calm breed, good training and an experienced owner is essential for the Tosa. This breed is very rustic and adapts quickly to every climate. Rotts need socialization early and often during their formative years. They are self-assured and fearless, but responsive to the needs of the family displaying an intuitive ability to sense if the family is in danger.

They develop muscles at an

They have proven in recent decades that their magnificent physique is complemented by a gentle disposition if given the correct amount of attention and activity. Before falling in love with this breed, consider that he can clear a coffee table with the swipe of his tail, has no trouble reaching items on the counter, and can easily knock someone over. Pit Bull Barely a week goes by without a story of an horrific attack involving a Pit Bull does not feature in the news somewhere. They are not likely to enjoy sitting on the side line and would sooner enjoy some outdoor action. However, he is highly suspicious of strangers, and he may become aggressive.