The system itself is good

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Ashley was looking for the same thing I was. Staying on my other Apps and most likely uninstalling this one. This gives people a chance to know each other a bit before judging based on appearances.

Ashley contacted me

The system itself is good. Even if I was too match with anyone this app would still be a waste of time. You have to talk to slowly reveal who they are.

Let me reiterate they mentioned it you cant see it. Also- post recent in focus, not to airbrushed pictures people.

Best of luck in

My girlfriends convinced me to join. Instead, I got matches in Maine and Jamaica. Typical swipe mechanics, but you don't know who you match with. After hearing this over and over, I finally broke down because I really wanted to find someone to share my life with.

Ashley contacted me one day out of the complete blue and I had no idea that this would change my life forever. Best of luck in your search. We even had mutual friends. As far as the matches go, I noticed on other apps that people were looking for hookups pretty often, while on eharmony they were looking for long-term relationships. But we would both say, we knew why we were matched with everyone that we met throughout the process.

It takes work on both sides like every meaningful relationship. The search radius is pointless, and it's highly unlikely you'll be able to meet any of your matches irl.