Dreams about an old hookup

Dreams about an old hookup

Some of these old

As time goes on, the person no longer represents him or herself but rather the excitement and passion that we experienced when we were with them. In so doing, this will help you understand the messages the dream might be sending about yourself or your relationship with others. It may also symbolize the stress or pressure you had in your own life while growing up. But what concerns me though is that you said you had a fling with this person. In the dream you try to approach them in a friendly way, but you are rejected.

Some of these old friends may represent those stressors. Something always ends up happening so I am unable to see him. These types of dreams have a symbolic meaning.

Something always ends up happening so

If you dream about people who have hurt you, they may appear when you are experiencing undo pressure in your waking life. Some of the people in these dreams can symbolize characteristics and personality traits similar to your own or represent aspects about yourself that you like or dislike.

For example, if you dream about someone you have known who was very aggressive, that person may represent your own aggressiveness or represent someone who is being aggressive toward you now. At times, these dreams can be recurring, which can be anxiety provoking and annoying. Sometimes old friends you have had a falling out with appear in your dreams. You mentioned that you still have feelings for him and think of him. Always look at the situations taking place with the people in your dreams.

This can represent feelings of guilt, sadness and loss or that you have never reconciled the end of the friendship. Also, there may be someone in your waking life now who arouses those same feelings within you.

Perhaps you might just be missing the person on your dream or that type of valued friendship. These people might be those who were liked, disliked or passed away.

Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Whatever the case, the fact that you are never able to see him in your dreams is where the message lies.