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You will need to join a Centre. The scribe should have some knowledge of dressage terminology, be smartly dressed and have legible handwriting.

However they are not currently in style for competitive dressage. If the dressage rider has long hair, it is typically worn in a bun with a hair net or show bow.

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However, these are infrequently, if ever, used for competition except in a freestyle. Ideally this opening is then closed for the duration of the test. Impulsion can occur at the walk, trot and canter.


Equine Veterinary Journal. For returning users, please be aware I have found and corrected several typos in the test diagrams and call sheets. When in a collected gait, the stride length should shorten, and the stride should increase in energy and activity. Find Branch or Centre If you are looking for a Branch or a Centre near you, click on the appropriate button below. However, this is not always logistically possible, particularly at smaller competitions with few volunteers.

The discipline has a rich history with ancient roots in the writings of Xenophon. Each test is segmented into a number of sequential blocks which may contain one or more movements. Braids are occasionally accented in white tape, which also helps them stay in throughout the day. International Equestrian Federation. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

Print sheets and place them back-to-back into a top-loading sheet protector. Impulsion is created by storing the energy of engagement the forward reaching of the hind legs under the body.

Search our Help Desk This will search our entire knowledgebase on our Help Desk for the search term you provide. The saddle is usually placed over a square, white saddle pad. The scores for the general attributes of gait, submission, impulsion, and rider performance mentioned above are scored using a coefficient.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dressage. Dressage An upper-level dressage competitor performing a working trot. Competitors are not allowed to use black hoof polish on white hooves. Walk, trot and canter your test in your mini arena. Quarter marks are sometimes seen, especially in the dressage phase of eventing.

There are two sizes of arenas, small and standard. These include the capriole, courbette, the mezair, the croupade, and levade. It is permissible to use abbreviations provided they are accepted and intelligible. He'll probably get them either way though so don't worry! You can read more about each one by selecting one from the list on the right.

Tests ridden at the Olympic Games are scored by a panel of seven international judges. The regularity, or purity, of the gait includes the evenness and levelness of the stride. Colored trim on the white saddle pad is permitted.

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In Great Britain, dressage is overseen by British Dressage. In upper-level classes, the riders wear a tailed jacket shadbelly with a yellow vest or vest points instead of a plain dressage coat. Figure-eight also called Grackle nosebands are not allowed in pure dressage, the systematic design of instruction however they are allowed in the dressage phase of eventing. The dressage tests performed at the Olympic Games dressage competition are Grand Prix. Suggested ways to use these diagrams and other hints for memorizing your tests.

Equine Veterinary Journal Supplement. However, this training scale as presented below is a translation from the German to the English. Ignore the looks you get from the people around you!

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Equestrian at the Summer Olympics. Despite living over years ago, his ideas are still widely praised. Download the pdfs and save them to your tablet.

Paralympic sports and Winter Olympic sports. At the apex of the training scale stands collection.

Due to the formality of dressage, tack is usually black leather, although dark brown is seen from time to time. Dressage saddles have longer billets and use shorter girth than other types of English saddles to minimize the straps and buckles underneath the rider's legs. Competitive dressage training in the U.

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Olympic team medals are won by the teams with the highest combined percentages from their best three rides in the Grand Prix test. An upper-level dressage competitor performing a working trot. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

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