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Driver needs updating support irq sharing

Use the display configuration tools provided

Use the display configuration tools provided as part of the desktop environment e. If you encounter such a problem, try configuring X with a single X screen, or switching to a different desktop environment or window manager. The display settings I configured in nvidia-settings do not persist.

These hotplug events may trigger a desktop environment with advanced display management capabilities to change the display configuration. Use a different desktop environment which does not actively manage display configuration, or do not use any desktop environment at all. Static X server configuration changes are saved to the X configuration file e. You will need to reboot your system after adding these configuration directives in order for them to take effect. Some desktop environments which include advanced display configuration tools will automatically configure the display layout in response to detected configuration changes.

If you encounter

Note that some module loaders will only look for configuration directives in files whose names end with. You can then stop X and install the driver as usual. Forcing stereo flipping allows the stereo glasses to shutter continuously. No module symbols loaded - kernel modules not enabled.

For this to work you will of course need the appropriate kernel header files installed on your system. If you suspect that your system is affected, try upgrading your kernel or contact your distribution's vendor for assistance.