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You must put your trust in the imagination, not in the will. It can on the contrary save your life when you know how to employ it consciously.

Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion. France portal Psychology portal Biography portal.

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Impressed by the results, doctor driving game for pc Emile began studying hypnosis. French psychologist Emile Coue developed an interest in the power of hypnosis early in his career. The book also contains a series of case studies outlining the methods that a number of Coue's patients used to better their situations using the technique of autosuggestion.

Initially he trained as a chemist, but was forced to take another route because of financial pressures on his parents. The patient must thus abandon his willpower and instead put more focus on his imaginative power in order to succeed fully with his cure. Suggestion, or rather Autosuggestion, is quite a new subject, and yet at the same time it is as old as the world. He had been merely an agent calling the ideas of health into their minds. He held it there triumphantly for a moment while the whole company applauded and encouraged him.

Her hands seemed locked together by a force outside her own control. Some declared they were already cured, some that they were much better, others that they were confident of cure in the future. Click Here for full details. Then it was the turn of the visitor from Paris.

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Another woman had enriched her impoverished blood, and increased her weight by over nine pounds. Get comfortable, either sitting down or lying on your back, and close your eyes. The greater the efforts you make, the more the ideas return. She had more energy, was beginning to enjoy life, ate heartily and slept more soundly. Your body will digest and assimilate the food you ingest perfectly, using all the nutrients it contains to renew your supply of blood, muscles, energy -in short, to regenerate life.

He encouraged people to channel their inner strength to achieve success. They were masters of their own destinies.

In this volume, Coue offers practical tips and advice to readers seeking to overcome problems and bad habits and achieve success. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. Choose from over personal development ebooks and audios! The method depended in part on routine repetition of the formula. The more he or she tries to think of it, the more the answer becomes blurred and obscured.

Father of Applied Conditioning. Although his teachings were, during his lifetime, more popular in Europe, many Americans who adopted his ideas and methods became famous by spreading his words.

Because you digest your food well, your intestines will function normally and effectively. They hesitated, but he insisted, telling them that they could run, that they ought to run, that they had but to believe in their own power, and their thought would be manifested in action.

Gregory, The Oxford Companion to the Mind p. It was a surprising sight to see these three sufferers who had hobbled to the clinic on sticks now covering the ground at a full five miles an hour, and laughing heartily at themselves as they ran. The patients closed their eyes, and he proceeded in a low, monotonous voice, to evoke before their minds the states of health, mental and physical, they were seeking. In these conditions you will digest it well, and so feel no discomfort of any kind either in the stomach or the intestines. But within these limits he varied his tone to suit the temperament of the patient.

Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion. His teaching achieved a vogue in England and the United States in the s.

Henceforth they could, and must, be the pilots of their own destiny. All your useless, harmful thoughts will simply vanish, just like a dream when you awaken. And if any of your organs have developed lesions, the lesions will start healing as of now. He made a half-hearted attempt and complained of a pain in his shoulder. He noticed that remedies given with positive autosuggestion worked better than the remedies alone.

He argued that no suggestion made by himself became a reality unless it was translated by his patients into their own autosuggestion. It must be within the scope of their controllables.

Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion ( Audio Book )

The person must have the ability to reach the goal. Those who were unable, whether through rheumatism or some paralytic affection, to make use of a limb were called on, as a criterion of future progress, to put out their maximum efforts.