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Select the Essentials option to see the workspace layout used for this tutorial. If the Property inspector refers to a frame, it means you've accidentally clicked the Timeline. Watermark one or more photos with one click with this simple to use panel.

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FutureWave Software Macromedia. Next, make sure that the option to Show Outlines is not selected in the layers area of the Timeline.

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Choose a fill color that contrasts well with the Stage color. Plus, personalized course recommendations tailored just for you. After drawing some artwork, you can turn it into a reusable asset by converting it to a symbol.

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Otherwise, just follow along with the instructions provided below to create the sample project from scratch. For example, you can add code that causes a button to display a new image when it is clicked. When you want to add a command that controls the Timeline, you'll add ActionScript code to a keyframe indicated by a dot symbol on the Timeline.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If desired, you can download the sample files to review a working version of the completed project. Click the Properties tab in the upper right side of the user interface to view the Property inspector, which displays the Stage properties for the file when no other objects are selected. Real-World Examples Barron Stone. Enter the name of the symbol in the Name field.

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For the purposes of this tutorial, click the drawing mode button to select the Object drawing mode at the very bottom of the Tools panel. Photoshop panel allows you to create fully customizable realistic looking long shadow in just a few clicks! Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think of our site. It is common to use symbols to create tweened animations.

In this set of instructions, you'll learn how to add a Replay button. Marketing Foundations Drew Boyd. The property keyframes on the Timeline mark the timing of the animation, indicating the frames whenever objects change on the screen and storing the properties of the object that change. Create various reflection effects.

Learning Python Joe Marini. One of the most common mistakes is to enter the name of a frame label, rather than entering the instance name of an object on the Stage. The Property inspector displays the Stage size and the background color.

Powtoon Extension for Photoshop. Then you can access the Property inspector to check that the panel refers to the selected symbol and indicates that an instance is selected. The Basic product was eventually stopped. Browse Our Top Courses Developer. When you drag a copy of the symbol from the Library panel to the Stage, the copy on the Stage is called an instance of the symbol.

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In an earlier section, you stopped the animation from looping by adding a stop action to the last frame of the Timeline. Motion graphics and animation software v t e. When you are finished previewing the animation, powerdvd 13 pro close the Test Movie window.

Double-check that the outlines icon displays a solid fill and not just a square outline. Filters Done Clear Filters. Then select the circle and move it to another location, further down on the Stage.

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When you use the drawing tools in the Tools panel, the vector graphics you create can be edited at any time. Later, you can create a preset of your own custom workspace by positioning the panels in any way that you prefer. The official SmugMug plug-in for Lightroom. When you are finished, close the Test Movie window.


Find thousands of extensions, plug-ins, scripts and more to enhance your creativity and extend the functionality of Creative Cloud applications. Python Essential Training Bill Weinman. The new symbol is now listed in the Library panel.