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She then goes to Charlie's apartment and asks just to sleep over. When Jessa thinks that she is pregnant, she decides to leave her residence in France and return to New York in order to figure out what she should do. Keep on moving, keep climbing Keep the faith, baby It's all about, it's all about the climb Keep your faith, keep your faith Whoa.

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She responds by announcing her supposed relationship with Booth. Her and Ray continue to see each other as friends, because they have nobody else to. She has since spent the last several years traveling the world. Afterwards, the two fight about their lack of an actual relationship.

She then goes to Charlie'sShe has since spentAfterwards the two fight aboutIt's shown in Female AuthorHer and Ray continue to seeHowever she is uncooperative andWith her patience wearing thinAdam is able to find herThen convinces her and

Adam is able to find her and confronts her, telling her that she has been ignoring his text messages as well. It's shown in Female Author that a friendship has begun between Jessa and Adam.

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With her patience wearing thin, she attempts to confront Jessa, but is sympathetic when Jessa announces that she is pregnant. Then convinces her and Laird that they need to go to a hospital. However, she is uncooperative and obnoxious during group therapy and antagonizes other patients. He later admits his attraction to Jessa, but when she rejects him, he fires her.

She responds by announcing her supposed