Hip Hop Vst

Can't wait for more expansions to drop, keep this radio ready product coming! Trouble shooting reply quick and helpful, have had no issues. Unfortunately I am not satisfied with my purchase, and I am concerned if it is having issues before even installing it, what other problems could be entailed? Very excited about the next things to come. All the staff is very kind and reliable!

When going for the classic golden age hip hop sounds, samples are obviously a big part of the equation. You can really make your audio sound wonky, noisy and analog like past recordings.

Possibilities are endless! You will not be disappointed. The drum kits are also nice and punching. Most dangerous vst on the market! Deff getting the expansions!

Not like other vsts with small, floral eps rushed and lame expansion. There are a lot of them and more ways to tweak it than most other plugins.

With this equipment, musicians will be able to pull them from up there and get them down, in audio recorded form. Powerful sequencer with lots of presets to inspire your next song. You can grab it free from here. You have really good options to change every single sound to a completely new one.

Thank you for such a great product. Two thumbs up from London! Most usable digital Soundz. What I would love to see is more features for tweaking sounds a bit more.

Synthetik Free Hip Hop VST Plugin by Tru-Urban

In this case a transient shaper is your best friend. Initial Audio is way too Litt. The ultimate lo-fi weapon. Sound selection is everything, and our never ending expansion banks will provide up to date sounds, or bring you back into time with sought after sounds from the past.

Yesterday I was just scrolling through my plugins and decided to take a look at Sektor, and I have to say I was surprised at how great the sounds are and how easy it is to use. Other Samplers might come with more presets, but they have too much filler stuff that sounds the same.

There are endless factory sounds and tons of dope expansions to choose from. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Initial Audio is providing producers some serious arsenal at incredible value. Great Pruducts and prices. You must see for yourself.

Definitely my go to plugin. Atmosphere layer, add extra atmosphere to your instruments with sounds like tape hiss, vinyl sounds, wind, rain and much more.

You must be logged in to Submit a Review. Great stuff for hip hop and trap producers. Regarder les video de Sean decay! Need presents for Dancehall and Reggae.

Heatup3 ( VST / AU ) is made for modern Trap & Hiphop Beatmakers

Bei mir funktionierte SlowMo nich und die erste Antwort, welche ich erhalten hatte hat direreckt funktioniert! We provide Modern Producers with everything they need to create Hits!

So many sick sounds to choose from and very straight forward to install. Dope thats all you need to know. Keep doing it yall, peace and blessings. Do you have any guitar sounds that are not quite guitars but close? The wav loops are allready very nice but the best is to play arround with the midi files.


To be honest i was using various drum samples given away for free off the internet. The sounds are clean and very good. Website set up is very customer friendly.

We had some problems downloading on to the iMac Sierra. It contains such dope sounds and gives me a lot of inspiration for my beats! No doubt, It has to be in my collection! This expansion is definitely worth! The only thing that would make it better would be live instrument samples, especially for brass and strings.

Synthetik Free Hip Hop VST Plugin by Tru-Urban

The Camel Crusher by Camel Audio is great distortion plugin to give your drums some character. Even without the expansions its enough to change the game for any producer coming up. Had some trouble with the initial download and Ignite Vst hit me up asap with a solution. The technical support is fantastic and fast as lightning!

Best Free VST Plugins & Free VST Instruments for FL Studio

Sektor is one of my favorite plugins. Nice produkts and helpfull staff.

Best VST for Hip Hop Beats

Press enter to begin your search. Thank you for making this plugin. Amazing product, and I would recommend it to everyone. Im into hiphop so those type of sounds was not for me.

Synthetik Free Hip Hop VST Plugin by Tru-Urban

Ignite vst has top notch customer support too and the company is run by producers so they understand what producers need. Reverse, SlowMo und Support. With a Humanize mode for extra realism. Im so glad to have this plugin. Been using Nexus for a while and the workflow is almost identical.