Lil Boosie Baby Mama

When you posed to be my lady Baby momma, baby momma, you hurted me Me and you know you deserted me Why? What does this song mean to you?

Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia. On the stretch you know it's mine girl Im askin Why you have a baby? Remy Ma is unfortunately facing new charges as of right now, why would she allegedly do something that could send her right back to prison?


This one here for them baby mommas who make baby daddies don't even want no baby daddy Feel this nigga. Baby momma baby momma Thought you love me hoe? She was initially booked for misdemeanor assault after turning herself in but prosecutors have now made the multiple charges official and intend to go after Remy. She definitely had a lot of things to say about the rapper and the inconsistent relationship he has with his daughter. Remy has been offered a deal to plead guilty to just the top charge out of all four assault in the third degree and the rest will reportedly be dropped.


This is bold text and this is normal text. Back in April, the year-old claimed that she was going to walk away from the show after an incident occurred at a skating rink. Now they have to deal with drama queen extraordinaire in the new season of Basketball Wives, Jackie Christie has found herself dealing with. According to several media outlets, Remy just got hit with a new criminal complaint for allegedly putting hands on Brittney Taylor. On the stretch you know it's mine girl I'm askin Why you have a baby?

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So did Remy hit Brittney or not? Several sources spoke to the site claim that she got into a fight with a family member of co-star Malaysia Pargo. Be careful who you have a baby with, seriously, we are destroying the generation of this generation.

She went to therapy and tried to stay out of drama but obviously that drama was just for the show and not for herself. Are you guys gonna continue to watch the show?

Prosecutors reportedly filed four charges against the rapper Friday. She just gave birth to a beautiful daughter, she had a princess style wedding, her music was popping and she made quite a few cameos on a lot of different shows. If he told her his inner most secrets, she will expose them all to get back at him.

When they were at a skating party, the relative approached Jackie and things went left, ending in physical violence. That would be devastating and with a new baby who was just born, Pap could be a singer father if this court situation goes left. Baby momma I done blew up now Got a hoe she some true love now she grown And I heard you gotta new thug now And you goin through some mo shit mo shit I'm out this bitch.

When you posed to be my lady I'm askin. This is a whole mess damn mess, they have a daughter together and these social media posts could affect her mentally for the rest of her life. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node.

Lil Boosie Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. Tori says that her brother was killed, and allegedly Lil Boosie was implicated in his murder, adobe flash player latest version for windows but he was eventually acquitted for lack of evidence. Baby momma baby momma You hurted me Me and you know you deserted me why?

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And Jackie is a grandmother, she needs to sit down and chill. When you posed to be my lady.