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Glory Jane, Will it Snow for Christmas. It seemed that the background music was challenging the actors to set the mood and tone of a scene. The ending certainly is not even close as bad as God's Gift, perhaps the worst ending of a great drama ever.

We'll have to wait and see. They remain in the hearts of the viewers who were so drawn into the drama. But this is korean drama, and I am pretty sure that's not the way.

But this is korean

Kudos to the production crew. Colourless as half of the scenes were inside the Rolls, lack of any creative thoughts eg. Some of you might seen this as heroic but certain for him it is a relief to be finally able to tell the truth as he learnt to let go.

They remain in the hearts

Korean dramas is always quite the same.

And I wish we had a scene of the real dad and his son together at the end, but which is otherwise satisfying.

They had a cute and loving relationship and no wonder Eun Ho could not forget Eun Dong. This gets a rating of plus from me.

The ending suck because the writer refused to have the crazy husband be the bad guy, when in fact he was the bad guy the entire show. Thank you for making a film filled with poetic and tasteful dialouge. He is truly an amazing, charming actor.

It is a really overused crutch in the Korean film industry.

The ending certainly is not evenKorean dramas is always quiteIt seemed that the backgroundWe'll have to