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He appears in the second level, named after his self-titled episode, where he has held Pluto captive. Becoming a close partner to Oswald, he constructed the Beetleworx as a construction crew to help improve the land as new arrivals came in. With help from Oswald, the heroes chose to fight and successfully defeated the doctor. And with the Brush, he would move to the top of the Disney Villain hierarchy. Years ago, when the Mad Doctor arrived in Wasteland, his immediate priority was to seek power.

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However, Gus took the last rocket part from his pod and this caused it to malfunction which sent the Mad Doctor high into the sky. Regular updates on development of the game and access to the devstreams on picarto.

Voting in polls to select new posters and merchandise. Likely, he is drowned in all of the thinner and is destroyed. Knowing that only the Animatronics and Beetleworx could exist if that happened, he modified himself so that he could rule whatever remained as their mechanical king.

Recent posts by The Mad Doctors. As you get further into the game, it turns out that he has not truly reformed, gta vice city cheat codes ps2 and plans to become famous again.

Just when Mickey is about to meet his demise, he awakens in his bedroom. After a battle with Mickey, the Doctor is shot up into the sky on his machine and isn't seen for the rest of the game.

He created the Blotworx to be his new army, but had to outcast them because of their unpredictable nature. The Mad Doctor appears as a boss in the video game Mickey Mania. He is in a race against time as his animatronic parts are beginning to break down. He will throw a potion at Mickey as a means of attack.

This article is about the character. Strangely, earthquakes begin to occur all over Wasteland, leaving Mickey to feel a lot more suspicious about the Doctor. They discover more of the doctor's plans after discovering his old attic from Lonesome Manor. These comics are a prequel to Epic Mickey and take place before the Thinner Disaster. For the short, see The Mad Doctor.

If he's got an evil side, he's sure doing a good job of hiding it. He also expresses his desire to be a toon again. He joins the Mean Street Parade, on the float with all the heroes. He uses a white lab robe with a pocket near the waist that contains a knife and scissors.

Mad Doctors

The Mad Doctor decides to eliminate Mickey by experimenting on him. Tales of Wasteland digicomics. He is seen in Dark Beauty Castle in the opening as explained above and works behind the scenes after that until the encounter with him at Lonesome Manor. In order to increase the amount of Thinner you have, you must destroy the generators that are creating various Beetleworx that are trying to attack you. In the Paint ending, after Mickey sprayed paint in his face to save Oswald, the doctor has a change of heart and uses rocket shoes to propel himself and them back towards Mean Street.

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Mad Doctors

We'll try for one scene in each episode, but sometimes it's just not feasible. The Doctor's Defeat and revealed as a Animatronic.

The Mad Doctors are creating Mature Sci-Fi/Fantasy Games and Art

To defeat the Doctor, Mickey must either destroy the Beetleworx generators, or reassemble the tracks in the attic. The Mad Doctor served Oswald by creating Beetleworx who were meant to help out in the Cartoon Wasteland and also created Animatronic versions of Mickey's friends for Oswald. However, not believing the Mad Doctor's story, Gus and Ortensia successfully reach out to and call Mickey back to Wasteland to help with the Mad Doctor. Once he is defeated, Pluto is rescued.

Hearing this, he then understands what true respect comes from not from power, but from courage and love as the guardians react to this and convert him back to a Toon. While Mickey is searching, the man in the cloak reveals himself to be a mad scientist to Pluto. Patreon U Creator Coaching. Previous Tiers Access to the Alpha versions of each episode. He's very cunning, manipulative and quite the brilliant inventor.

He also shows his plan to attach Pluto's head to the body of a chicken to see if it will bark, crow, or cackle, through the song The Great Experiment. But when Mickey created the Shadow Blot and the Blot Wars began, he quickly switched sides and became the Blot's closest ally.

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Previous Tiers Your name will be in the game credits. In the mini-game itself, Sora has to rescue Mickey from the Mad Doctor while evading various monsters in the doc's castle. He pretends to be friends with Oswald and to help the people of Wasteland with his ideas and inventions, but clearly has his own agenda. He'll try and punch things up in previous episodes as well as helping with the writing of future episodes. As his name suggests, the Mad Doctor is very murderously insane and takes much joy in causing harm to others, but makes up for it at being a scientific genius.

When Mickey first meets up with the Mad Doctor, he sings a song about how he has changed and goes off to other areas of Wasteland to assist in repairs. Either strategy will also earn Mickey the Mad Doctor Pin. After, he announces his plans to build a new attraction in Wasteland to lift everyone's spirits after everything that has happened. Unfortunately, Mickey loses them and travels through the mysterious castle to save Pluto. It turns out, that it was all a nightmare.

In the original cartoon, Mickey hears Pluto yelping for help in the middle of a stormy night. To do this, you must use Thinner on the red lights above the doors that generate Beetleworx. The Mad Doctor is the animatronic mastermind responsible for the creation of the robotic Beetleworx that hinder Mickey's path in the Cartoon Wasteland. Soon enough, Mickey arrives but is strapped down and captured.

The story line seems to revolve around the return of the Mad Doctor, who claims he's reformed and wants to rejoin Oswald's forces. While he caused Prescott to turn on his friends, he had him build a television similar to the one Gus uses to call Mickey to broadcast his show to the cartoon world. He is bald and has big, black eyes just like his eyebrows.

The Mad Doctors are creating Mature Sci-Fi/Fantasy Games and Art

He is last seen as a truly reformed Toon on a parade float with Mickey, Oswald, Ortensia, and Gus in the end. Custom character art - really want to see one of the crew in a certain situation? Well, this nightmare is all too real, but even Oswald would admit that the real-life Doc seems pretty benign in comparison. Oswald, overjoyed with the return of his friend, accepts him with open arms. Mickey is caught and nearly killed only to realize he was dreaming.

The Mad doctor from World of Evil. He is briefly seen in a picture in the Roger Rabbit short Tummy Trouble.

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