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Happiness and stability, and enough trust and communication that we support each other even if it's scary and uncomfortable at times. We would be open for a triad but you know unicorns and such.

You can discuss why that happens but I think quite a few cuckqueans do become very selfless on top of it just being a fetish. This frequently does manifest as the man being dominant, but it can just as easily manifest as the vixen being dominant over the cuckquean, or vice versa. Watch ebony babes sucking dick, fucking, and shaking their big black asses. Through girl B I met girl A. Depends on the person, there's a vast range of preferences, from really hair to smooth shaven.

You can discuss why that happensThe Greeks and Romans wereThis frequently does

Sometimes not in denial at all but deliberately and purposely trying to live as a straight girl using the cuckquean fetish as a kind of pressure release valve or even to avoid straight sex. You're not forcing her consent by arguing your case or trying to make her appreciate it. The emperor has no clothes.

The Greeks and Romans were monogamists from the pre-christian era, and therefore that became the institution after conversion. My purpose with these posts isn't to preach morals, or to complain, it's more to display a tragic understanding of misunderstood motive, but i was correct about the end game.

We would be open

But in the pursuit to have a more desirable body don't neglect strengthening your mind as well, looks aren't all people will look for when it comes to assessing compatibility. Its like smashing different tribes, clans or nations of people together in a limited space and seeing how they decide to work together. Then there are also Mormon fundamentalists who practice polygamy but your chances with them are even worse.

Happiness and stability

And then there's the strong emphasis on going to clubs, which is basically just selling the whole clubbing culture to another demographic. Some of the caption pics are pretty good. She's there for cum cleaning and cooking. Don't even use tripcodes normally, but fuck you for the insult. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks.

My purpose with these posts

Basically he was just trying to hurt her, but turned out she didn't have a predictable reaction to it at all. Go through all the different things you want to do with another girl as a fantasy.