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Mexican girl fucked by a white man. The curse is that those factors establish tradition.

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He couldn't work fast enough. My brothers never seemed to have an opinion as to the type of men I dated, and were only concerned with how each guy treated me.

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While I've dated other races, I'm mostly attracted to black men. She knew if she wanted to be with my dad, she'd have to runaway with him. When we came back to retrieve it, the guys behind the counter, which looked to be Latino, handed it to us ripped in half. But in actuality, it was me who was at fault. My parents were born and raised in Mexico.

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The way my mother was raised, a couple wasn't really a couple until the man asked the woman to be his girlfriend. But as wide-eyed as I used to be, it's more naive to think the times I've fallen short are attributed to a whole group of people. As far as dating, I've encountered men who've thought of me as the Mexican woman that is there only to serve, speaks Spanish in bed, or has a connect to an inner drug cartel member.

They didn't connect one with the other. My parents were more impressed by him than I was. Mostly, if not all, from white people. He also knew that the American Dream was the dream he wanted to achieve for them.

My mother internalized all of this. The majority of what my parents know about other races they've learned through media or second-hand stories. My dad used his seasonal, strictly temporary passport for work and came to Arizona to pick fruit.