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It is especially important to close your database after a Compile All Modules command. Minimize the amount of data returned from the server.

Microsoft Access Performance Tips to Speed up Your Access Databases

You can choose a language based on how easy it is to learn. The Access Table Analyzer makes it easy to properly normalize the data in your tables by breaking tables with repeated or improperly structured data into two or more tables. All Microsoft Access Products.

In almost all cases, Visual Basic code runs faster than macros. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable.

Don't have code that can call itself without having some type of short-circuit mechanism. Primary keys define the uniqueness of each record which can be accomplished efficiently with a single number. Place the remaining controls on the second page. Closing and reopening the application will unload the code and enable you to develop faster because of the additional free memory. Use Dynamic Arrays Instead of fixed arrays, use dynamic arrays with the Erase and ReDim statements to make better use of memory.

Visual Studio LightSwitch. During development, don't use Compile All Modules. Convert macros to Visual Basic code.

Use the Image Control Use the Image control instead of unbound object frames to display bitmaps. Ensure this happens in every module in your application by using the Option Explicit phrase at the top of each module. Since Access has to load your Startup form, it will automatically load that form's module, which is generally faster than loading a standard module. Split your database into an application and data database.

Microsoft Access Version Feature Differences. Referring to a collections member with a name or expression introduces extra work, and therefore, more time. Centrally manage and simplify the automatic deployment of your Access application to each desktop. Hyperlinks in label controls make it easy to open another Access object. Consider using status meters to display a task's progress.

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Fields that are joined in query should have the same data type, or compatible data types. Some legacy Visual Basic components may still work on newer platforms, despite being unsupported by Microsoft and other vendors. FlushTransactionTimeout Use the FlushTransactionTimeout registry setting to tune the performance of asynchronous write operations.

You should evaluate each tip as it applies to your specific application running on your specific hardware. Microsoft Access Startup Tips. Experiment With Sub Queries Instead Of Joins If you have a query with a join that is not performing adequately, consider replacing the join with a sub query. Just as it is important to add indexes to fields that need it, it is important to avoid indexing fields that don't need it. For instance, a list of countries or states no need to create a separate number for each country or state.

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Where possible, queries should use a Where clause to constrain, or limit, the number of records returned. Load time for the form should be substantially reduced, dino merlin album especially if the queries filling those combo box controls are complex.

However, if you have library database code loaded, you should exit Access also. If you are developing your application in a single-user environment, you can improve your development performance by opening the application exclusively. Minimize the number of controls on your report. If you are using the System Agent from the Microsoft Windows Plus Pack, consider turning it off to make more memory available for your access application.

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Microsoft development tools. If you embed graphics on your forms or reports, Access or later can store them much more efficiently. Turn Off Screen Painting Turn off screen painting during repetitive operations that update the screen. This turns the form into a Lightweight form, making it load faster. This data access method is more efficient for adding records because existing records are not read from the database.

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Over 100 Tips for Faster Microsoft Access Databases

Consider opening your application's most commonly used forms when your application starts. For example, if the restriction is on the many side, move it to the one side. FormName form to refer to the form of a form's module. This obviously doesn't apply if you are using macros for a SharePoint deployment of your Access forms. Every form that is open consumes memory that could be used by other parts of your applications.

To check the number of unique entries in an index, use the Access DistinctCount property. Don't Use Non-Indexed Fields for Criteria Avoid using non-indexed fields or calculated fields for criteria restrictions. When you are ready to deliver your database for testing or live use, put it into the compiled state using the steps outlined above. Computer Performance Tips.