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The worker had spent his career working at nuclear plants around Japan and worked at the Fukushima plant at least twice after the March meltdowns. The condemnation from authorities comes as Japan acknowledges for the first time that a worker at the Fukushima plant died in from radiation exposure. The Japanese government has deemed some of the affected areas to be safe to return to, but many remain abandoned. The bus passes radioactive exclusion zones and Farrier and the other tourists become increasingly nervous by the skyrocketing readings on their Geiger counters, which measure radiation.

Farrier also slips away from the group without permission, and enters an abandoned game arcade within the no-go zone around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. In the episode, Farrier, a New Zealand journalist, jersey persib tantan dating takes a bus tour with other foreign sightseers into areas affected by the catastrophic nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

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Farrier was unsure about eating local food. The camera followed Farrier as he broke away from the tour group and entered an off-limits arcade. In another scene, the group visits a local restaurant where Farrier is concerned about eating locally sourced food that may be contaminated. But the series has landed in hot water due to its second episode that was filmed in Japan. Farrier was also filmed aboard a tour bus nervously watching as the numbers on a Geiger counter continued to rise beyond levels members of the party had been told were considered safe.

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Campaigns are also under way to rebuild export markets for local foodstuffs. In another, he comes close to being arrested after sneaking into an abandoned arcade that was deemed a no-go zone by the government. Although dark tourism is booming, many area of Fukushima remain no-go zones.