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Outcome independence dating, outcome independence levels in relationships - the blackdragon blog

  • TonyOutOfNowhere I think you need to fine tune this idea.
  • Dating is a big chore for men.
  • Bluntly, guys like you who are also very much in that realm of thinking are his progeny.

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An excellent expression of outcome independence in a nutshell! Have other things in your life that are so enjoyable you sometimes forget about the Woman Task. The manosphere is really a separate thing, and I agree it can often be like feminism with a penis.

She keeps telling her friend she wonders what I look like. It forces you to be on point. Why not just do whatever you want? We have only know eachother a few months but something is there, chemistry, attraction, etc.

Well my point is that you eventually outgrow techniques. Just went on a date with a new girl yesterday. Good luck with your approaching mate. Other guys tend to fuck things up. When your together, is she suggesting to meet up again or not?

Mastering daygame to perfection is not my primary goal. Kept sending that stupid Rhianna song. For example, I never read profiles. So I decided to test his statement out by seeing if there was any sexual tension between us.

  1. Come to think of it, a lot of men get this one completely backasswards.
  2. After reading this article, I wrote down a similiar list and have been practicing this attitude.
  3. He makes a custom decision for each girl, and is usually right.
  4. One of the easiest ways to know when a person is an independent thinker, and knows how to be happy.
  5. To be fair, even though she gets clingy sometimes, she is one of the most logical, low drama woman I have ever met.

Talk about swallowing the elephant and choking on the gnat! Early in my evolution, I was guilty of this myself. You know I am going to stand up here for the seduction community. And you naturally have higher self-esteem when you take the time to look great, smell great, etc. Drama and bullshit will be the result after that.

Outcome Independence Levels In Relationships

Outcome independence dating
Outcome Independence is TRASH

Well I have a challenge with this recently. Go out to a bar after work, talk to the waitress. Especially because women tend to like me the most. Or how long do you wait till you contact her for another meet up?

How To Be Outcome Independent While Still Having Goals and Desires

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Guys, how does a beginner know exactly what outcome independence feels like if he never has had any results with women in the first place? Have you described somewhere in the past or in your books what steps should you take to increase your outcome independence? And fantasy lands foster the opposite of outcome independence. Or continue to keep making excuses for yourself.

Outcome independence Archives - Paging Dr. NerdLove

Alphas, Betas, and Women in Pop Culture. Then with the roster full, I stop doing cold approach. Do you wait for her to make contact next? It takes the needy edge off, lyrics song which gives you an advantage.

Outcome Independence Levels In Relationships - The Blackdragon Blog

Outcome independence dating
Outcome independence dating

Months and years later the chick tells me i didnt seem interested so she went along with someone else. Just not too needy, play it cool. Expect problems and establish safeguards and contingencies for when these likely problems occur, roden holland because they will. Do you want to explain more in detail?

Outcome Independence Why you can easily get girls when you don t care

This is my desired outcome. These are techniques that are very effective. You know I respect you and this place.

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Depends on the girl, depends on how the conversation went, etc. In business the trick is to learn just how much effort to put in to ensure a good return. Or what if you suddenly felt like yelling at the top of your lungs in a mall because you were extremely happy? So check yourself before you wreck yourself.

This means they love fucking and having sex until they get oneitis. She is unable to visit me because of college. The trials make the wins that much sweeter. While waiting, I started dancing right there, in front of everyone, hook up wii because I was happy.

Only way down the line when a meet up is immanent will I read the profile. If you pay any money for pickup advice, then you have just burned it. You have got to always be sleeping with or at the very least as you said, free south african working on other women. This is not gonna get any better btw. Everyone has to make money somehow.

Modern Life Dating
Outcome Independence is TRASH

It has its good days and its bad days. If she told you she was transgender, it speaks well for her integrity. Technically yes but in reality no. This is a great attitude to have. The main point thought is that the seduction community is a growing body of knowledge.

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Outcome Independence is TRASH

It got me through a patch where I was wavering and on the verge of making some beta decisions. From its early days it has grown and matured like any science. Ive never given a shit about women or trying to have success with any girl in particular. The question then rise how much i should try keeping her in my circle. You should give very few shits, and those should be very deliberately decided.

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