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New Music Joell Ortiz Outta Control (Kendrick Response)Audio PreviewOutta Control The Prophec Mp3 Song

End of story and we can all move on. And for the record bar for bar J. Joel Ortiz just out rapped K. It also marked his tenth top-ten single overall.

He could have easily just sat back and came with a mediocre to decent album because of the attention he garnered and his album being released under the Aftermath umbrella. Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Improve in business, among friends, and dating.

He made a concept album, one of the most difficult albums to make as an artist. This is gonna be a revolutionary act on k.

Outta Control (disambiguation)

What a unique voice, in every which way. The video has cameos from G-Unit artists M. Kendrick specifically didnt name dropped Joell Ortiz. Captured the interest of fans and the industry alike.

But for you to say he lacks ingenuity is asinine. Fred and Bob, animals desktop wallpapers need to pull they shit back off the nets. The song is kind of a traditional hip-hop song and it samples the Wu-Tang Clan song C. This should spur the independent to react swift just like Joell just did.

Now was it a lazy way of responding using the same beat? And if memory serve me right niggas shot at them death row niggas when they were trying to film, the video got cut short. Dre and Elizondo and features a guest appearance from hip-hop group Mobb Deep. Things that make you go hmmm? Across the board east west south he raised the bar.

Outta Control - Ayanda Jiya

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please just turn down your volume or mute your speakers. Step you game up fam and get in the stu for about months and make you masterpiece.

Plus we dont need that right now. Watch the trailer, and book tickets. Dot wanted to happen in the first place which is to put lyricism back in the main spotlight. Dot to prove to us he is right.

The Official Charts Company. Then what these other responses will be.

New Music Joell Ortiz Outta Control (Kendrick Response)

Mobb Deep Outta Control

Hopefully some of these idiots over here dont take him serious and keep shit on wax. We are not slaves, people.

Outta Control - Ayanda Jiya

You could try auto-tuning the vomit noises? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thank you and have a blessed evening. And if everyone else comes hot like joell did here then all hail kdot.

Mobb Deep Outta Control

Chain reaction dude come on, not cool. The best way to respond is to step up the bars. Is Joell making the effort to be a legend? But there has to be more than just freestyles.

The song is a traditional hip-hop song and it samples the Wu-Tang Clan song C. Which I believe why it was easy for him to come right back at Kendrick.

Ask snoop next time while you asking him for an autograph at the airport or some shit, what happened that day. Other than that, please refrain from telling me to shut the fuck up.

Outta Control (disambiguation)

Are you people stupid do you really think other rappers would give two fucks about somebody ripping a verse? Dre, who often times looks at commercial viability as much as the artist value, approved it. East and West have alway been adversaries and thats because the best is suppose to vie for the top spot.