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There are certain offline jobs for data entry operator. Mail Order Jobs In Bangalore mail order jobs are very popular.

Offline Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

Music and Dance Teacher If you know music and dance then you could give classes going home to your clients. However you must have passion for photography.

Bangalore Part Time Jobs

Counter Jobs for Food Chains You may not like it but it is one of growing offline part time jobs in the city. Modeling Another interesting way to make money part time in the city. It is really a great part time job option in the city. Food and Catering In food and catering jobs you need to cater food to your clients.

If know about drinks and alcohol then you can easily find a job in a new pub or a bar. You need to have good contacts and money is great. If order comes then you can make money in few hours.

But the difference is consultancy is more sophisticated unlike tutoring where you teach basic things like math or science. There are many pubs and bars. You need to have a hobby and just write about it and share with the world. You need postage stamps and other stationery. If you can write then you can publish eBooks and sell it for money.

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In a project you get to finish particular number of files and you get paid. You can make some money taking as a part time job. It is a part time job with good money.

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Bartender Bangalore is also known as pub city of the country. Librarian City has many public libraries run by government and colleges.

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In arrange marriages people need to find a boy or girl and marriage bureau can help doing that. Insurance Agent Sell Insurance after office hours.

Medical Transcriptionist You might have heard about medical transcriptionist jobs. Tips are really great if you live in Mumbai or Bangalore.

You could be the one if know well about mixing different sound tracks. Event Management Event management or wedding planner is all of the same. You need to demonstrate a product to customers. You can sit there for few hours in evening and make money. Offline Data Entry Job The first offline job in our list is data entry job.

You have to send pamphlets, thirteen local dating magazines etc to customers packed in envelope. So they need you to test and tell them whether the product is good or not. Sperm Donor If you are a male candidate looking for a job then sperm donor is the best option. Focus Group Software companies want to assess their new product.

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