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Pink Panther is an assistant to time travel scientist Big Nose, u zemlji krvi i meda who's returned from ancient Egypt with a valuable cat statue. But the game Pink Panther correct the situation by returning to the mustachioed detective interest. Pink Panther takes a job as a mailman. Open embedded menu Add this game to your web page! Retro Game Room Categories.

By continuing on our website you consent to it. The game is truly hilarious because there are some moments in which he does a funny enactment or even makes a funny face or a movement. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. Pink Panther's plans for fun and relaxation at the beach are disrupted by Big Nose.

Notify me of new posts by email. Ant seeks refuge from Aardvark by befriending a dim-witted leopard who wants to make a meal of him. It is a full and complete game.

Here is the game Pink Panther, who continue to spy once-popular animated series period. Hilarious Online Games Pink Panther is invited to play, arranging car race or submarines, as well as undergo an entertaining quest with the main character. All you have to do is to go to the places and collect coins to get to the another level. Farmer Big Nose dreams of having the best pumpkin in order to win the blue ribbon.

Clash of them reduces your speed, and you understand what that means. Installation Guide Video is also on bottom of Next page.

There is a pink jaguar who tries to enact as a normal panther which he is not. So, when I heard that there was a video game, I had to play it. The usual pink panther theme song is always on the go. He is fearless and goes on the trail of criminals. Active Netplay Sessions Currently no active sessions.

They're clear enough for you to be able to identify the characters. Download Will Start Automatically. Ant tries to convince Aardvark that he's not his only means to a meal.

Together with friends, they decided to make the underwater racing on specially equipped machines. To get the advantage in catching Ant, Aardvark paints himself with black and white stripes in order to resemble a zebra. It isbased on the funny television show series.

Pink Panther is an archaeologist exploring an ancient pyramid in Egypt that's guarded by Mummy Big Nose. These spies are deployed in the vast online game Pink Panther. The story and plot is really interesting. There is another game that you may like is called Scribblenaut Unlimited. Coloring the Pink Panther.

But it so happened that a relative had disappeared mysteriously, leaving his nephew enviable legacy. Ant plans a trip to Antarctica expecting to find more ants there. You can leave a response or trackback from your own site. That's his cover and openly moving around the city, he was looking out for suspicious characters. While chasing Ant, Aardvark gets hit by a pickup truck.

After going extreme skating on a hot day, Pink Panther decides to buy a slushy drink at the local supermarket. Pink Panther big fan of adventure, and a variety of adventures. Although it is a fun game and you will also love another game which also resembles to this one is called Funny Hell. Because this time pink panther has to find something what he has lost. It was my favorite movie back then.

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And he is always ready to change transport to jumping into a submarine to descend to the bottom of the darkest and pursue a spy. On a scorching hot day in the jungle, Ant and Aardvark seek a way to keep cool. It turns out that to get them is not so easy, and kicks on again in pursuit, pursuit and solving puzzles. It offers a variety of dangers and surprises, but the main task is to catch up with your opponent and leave him behind, until they reached the finish line.

In a uniquely animated short, Pink Panther and Big Nose star in a concert playing various instruments utilizing varieties of music from all around the world. Today, cartoons about Pinky show rarely, and certainly many have not even heard about this character. Do not be fooled, he hired a driver milk van.

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Maneuver among the obstacles, do not touch the fish, they can slow down your vehicle and loss of speed - this defeat. And not just some trite bank account, but the real treasure, hidden in the attic of his house!

Space villain Big Nose shrinks several planets in the galaxy in order to make a personal marble collection. Aardvark tries to drop a boulder on Ant to make a meal of him, but it hits Eli the Elephant.

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The most important and the best feature is the sound effects. Secret of Evermore - Gameplay Balance Hack. But it is based on the simple effects and visuals.

Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit Game

It is the male protagonist, who is always in. Lyntik ishet otlichiya na kartinkah. Following are the main features of Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit Game Free Downloadthat you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. Pink Panther and Big Nose attend a baseball game in hopes of catching a foul ball as a souvenir.

Baby Bathing Time to Sleep. Just download and start playing it.

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