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Lots of nice closeups of Lia's pretty casted toes as well as showing off her interesting gimp. He has a bit of difficulty with his crutches. Her friend notices her distress and she grabs at her own toes and tells Emma to prop her casted foot up so she can check out what the problem is closeup. Songs of Innocence Toby and his new police partner Lorenzo are chasing Andrew through the woods.

By the end of the episode, Andrew is being interrogated by the police, though the heated conversation is muffled. He is portrayed by Brandon W.

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You have to play with a smile. Andrew tells her that they could go to the faculty adviser to shut the whole thing down because of what Mona did to Spencer in the past.

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As soon as she finds a place to prop up her foot and warm her toes though she notices the patrons looking at her casted half naked foot. The girls are walking back home from Alison's house when they come across Andrew leaving the police station after being processed. Andrew tells Spencer that he knew something was up since Spencer never trusts anyone's notes but her own.

Another real must see of one of our newest sexy cast girl. Some nice shots of her bare toes including closeups. After a preliminary discussion the doctor asks her to sit on the bed and compliments her cute toes.

Wrap the ball of the foot twice, to hold the bandage in place, then begin moving up towards the ankle, being sure to leave at least one-half inch of bandage overlapping the previous layer. Poor cherry giggles uncontrollably. Andrew tells her that he has a legit prescription for his drugs, but Spencer convinces him to give her some of it. Another entry in the popular one bare foot hoping series. As a result the doctor had to shave the damaged part off and her four small toes now hang off the side with no platform to rest on.

Poor cherry giggles

Then bring it around the heel, back up over the instep, under the foot, and around the ankle. She has the presence of mind to call emergency.

He is portrayed by Brandon