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But if you like Kenshin for it's well animated fights, keep moving. Lo que no sabe es que Tomoe se interpuso en el camino del ataque de Kenshin. The movie seems to shift back and forth, dead serious one minute and cartoony humor the next. Playing out like an extra long filler episode, this movie tells the story of how back in Kenshin's Hitokiri days Kenshin killed another Hitokiri named Gatotsu.

Using the god like speed of his Hiten Mitsurugi, he hacked his way through countless victims so that a new era could be established. Honestly, would it have killed them to make the anime fit into series? The music is excellent, very restrained and sad, fitting the character's troubled nature. He works far better as a tortured, dead serious man, haunted by his past.

Ishin Shishi E No Requiem

Se caracteriza por ser muy descarado e insaciable con la comida excepto cuando cocina Kaoru. While Shigure is a mildly tragic figure, i found his two cohorts far more interesting in their evil ways, and found myself wondering how this man had inspired an entire rebellion. Parte del pasado oscuro de Kenshin. Secondly, there has also been a lot of speculation as to when this movie takes place.

Es alto y tiene el cuerpo de un luchador. Es entonces que le confiesa su pasado de asesino, pero Kaoru le resta importancia y lo invita a quedarse con ella. This movie had every reason to be good.

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As any veteran of Rurouni Kenshin will tell you, Kenshin's past has a way of coming back to bite him. Good story, great character in Kenshin, and nice animation make it a worthwhile purchase. In a perfect world, jensen loudspeaker special design dating this movie would have been written entirely by Watsuki and told an untold chapter of Kenshin's life that we never knew about.

Spoilers A brief summary of Kenshin for those of you who are coming into this without any background. To end with I'd like to note some interesting facts about this movie. It's not really bad, but for fans who have seen the Kyoto arc, or seen any of the ova's, they will find these fights barely watchable.

Al comienzo le atrae Kenshin, pero tiene claro que con Kaoru tiene la pelea perdida. Perhaps my real biggest gripe with this movie is just the animation.

En el comienzo de la historia ayuda a Kaoru a defenderse de un asesino que utiliza su nombre de Battousai y difama el dojo de Kaoru. The writing was quite good until the final battle when the characters started screaming the names of their moves, something I have always hated. This movie is no exception.

For me, it didn't really work. La segunda cicatriz se la hizo Tomoe antes de morir. The animation is very good, though, with well done fight scenes. Kenshin ha jurado no volver a matar, pero los fantasmas del pasado le impiden desligarse de aquellos sucesos que le traen tan malos recuerdos. Nieta del antiguo jefe del clan ninja Oniwabanshu.

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During the days before Meiji era, Himura Kenshin was the leading assassin for the Ishin Shishi and was known as the Hitokiri Battousai. Durante la guerra civil, por el retiro de Kenshin, fue su sucesor como asesino del Ishin Shishi. If your a Kenshin fan, you'll have to see this.

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