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Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables. My entire life is filled with Sai Om. Hail together victory to Lord Sai Ram, the Lord of us all. Thou art the master actor of the Divine Play.

He is always appeased and worshipped first. Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the fallen ones.

Victory to Thee Mother, the bestower of auspiciousness. Sai Baba's sweet songs are drops of amrit nectar conferring Supreme Bliss.

Goddess Amba is the mother of Universe and destroyer of cycle of birth and death. Thou art the protector of the three worlds earth, heaven and nether world Victory to the One who weilds the trident. He is the dweller of Puttaparthi. Sing chant the name of Shiva, mcboot for ps2 the name of Sai.

Thou incarnated in Dwarka City as Lord Shyam. Hey Ram, a million prostrations to You. Names of Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu Narayana. Chant the name of King Rama of Raghukul dynasty and beautiful and enchanting Ram.

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You always provide Grace to your devotees. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Chant the name of Govinda Master of the senses and sing of his divine qualities. Protect, Protect O Lord of Parthi! Lord Govinda, the manifestation of the Supreme Being Narayana, has beautiful blue-complexioned color like the color of dark-blue rain clouds.

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He is the Krishna of Pandarapur. Worship Lord Sai Gajanana. Please have compassion and mercy on me, Sai Nandalala Sai in the form of Krishna. Once more, recite the Name of Lord Sai Ram. Queen of Goddesses, bewitching the entire world, providing auspiciousness in our lives, Savior of the world, O omnipresent One, bestower of eternal bliss, Mother Sai, our salutations to You.

Chant the name of Elephant faced Lord Gajanana. Glory to the One Who lived in Brindavan and Puttaparthi.

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Pray to the Lord of Puttaparthi Sai Baba. Salutations to Thee, the auspicious One, the destroyer of demons.

Worship Lord Rama depicted with His Bow! Victory to Lord Giridhari, Lord of Mira. Thou art the destroyer of miseries and pains.

Be with me in all my births, O Lord Sai. You are called by the name Allah when You are formless and by the name of Lord Rama when You took the form of an avathaar. You are the One whose abode is the auspicious Prashanti Nilayam.

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You are the life-breath of the devotees. Chant the name of the blessed Lord Hari Destroyer of sin and sing of his many divine qualities. Knower of the hearts of all. Thou art merciful and beautiful to look at. He is the beloved son of Nanda who loved to dance.

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Thou hast assumed the body of Lord Sathya Sai. Please note that there are possibly a lot of changes between the audio and the text.

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He is so full of compassion. You uplift the mountain support the worlds in protection of Your devotees. We repeat your name constantly Rama, Krishna and Sai. Chanting the name of the Lord destroys the miseries and ignorance.