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Creep and Shrinkage curves. Solid rectangular and circluar steel shapes available as new frame section properties. Runs it after installation. Wind, Seismic, and Response-spectrum.

Modal Damping Additional modal damping in linear and nonlinear direct integration time history load cases. Its client firendly interface allows the client to perform auxiliary investigation immediately without long expectation to absorb information delays. It has been putting forth systematic administrations for a long time now and till is age it has adhered to the custom and standard it had set a very long time back. Tendons modeled as elements now allow elastic, creep, shrinkage, and steel-relaxation losses to be directly specified. The Chinese section-property database files have been enhanced by adding new sections.

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Variable reference-point location along the length of the bridge superstructure is now available. Analysis The effect of reinforcing steel on the axial creep and shrinkage behavior of concrete in columns and walls is now included in the time dependent staged-construction analysis. Size of the saved analysis results files is reduced for multi-step nonlinear static and nonlinear direct-integration time-history load cases. The default material properties for concrete have been modified to improve convergence behavior.

Loading Russian response spectrum function added. Analysis Direct-integration time-history frame hinge results. Guide Structure operation for locating added members during staged construction analysis. Hysteresis Models New and enhanced hysteresis models for nonlinear materials, hinges and links have been added. Can email me at hcy hotmail.

Nonlinear and Pushover A nonlinear, layered shell element using a directional material model has been added for pushover analysis of shear-wall structures and similar applications. Analysis New operation added for staged-construction load cases to allow changing link properties.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Variable girder spacing along the length of the bridge superstructure is now available. The concrete U-girder frame section can now also be used to model steel tubs in the Bridge Modeler. It may also affect the shear-area calculation.

The tangent stiffness used for the iteration of fiber hinges and multi-linear links has been changed to improve convergence. Please send me activation key schimitberger gmail. In this way, you can fill all need of any clients. Can perform direct and non straight investigation.

Can dissect all parts of a model separately. Now you can choose either option.

Base reactions for response-spectrum and modal time-history analysis have been improved for springs and grounded link supports to better capture missing-mass effects. Semi-rigid option added for diaphragm constraint. The displacements for constrained joints in staged construction are no longer updated for deflection until they are actually added to the model. Vietnamese Material Libraries Vietnamese concrete and rebar material libraries now available.

Pipes and plates templates. Your email address will not be published. All load types in a load case can be graphically displayed in a single view.

Some display menu forms enhanced, allowing them to remain open for repetitive use with a new apply button. Thank you so much for sharing this great software! New graphical user interface with tabbed windows. Can you please explain the exact procedure somewhere for installing the software e.

The handling of convergence tolerances for time-dependent behavior during staged-construction analysis has been improved to better enforce equilibrium after large load increments. Floating forms for multiple use. Modeling Pipes and plates templates have been added to the template library.

Please send us a new crack. This model represents concrete compression, cracking, and shear behavior under both monotonic and cyclic loading, kadhal soga padalgal and accounts for crack rotation.

Brother, Please upload the keygen once again. Soil pressure results are now available in the database tables. Can you mail me on modestdhu gmail. Alignment of shell local axes in generated bridge models has been enhanced. Dynamics Material-based damping is now available for linear and nonlinear direct-integration time-history analysis.

The responsiveness of the user interface has been improved. Can you plz give the correct link. Color displacment contours. Modal time-history analysis for dynamic bridge loading now runs considerably faster. It gives utilize proficient and compelling yield.

Please release the newest crack. Previously only forces for sections cuts defined from groups could be displayed as plot functions. Displayed plot functions have been enhanced by adding the ability to plot forces for section cuts that have been defined using quadrilateral cutting planes.

The link has already been updated with a new generator. Diaphragm constraint definition. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Strain results are now available for shell and solid objects.


Event-to-event solution strategy implemented as an option for nonlinear direct-integration time-history analysis. Italian material property definitions have been added. Measurements On-screen measuring tools available for measuring length, area, and angles. The modeling of steel-girder diaphragms for steel girder bridges has been improved to provide better support for the lower flange. Display and output of frame stresses.

This device is a linear spring in series with a dashpot whose force-velocity relationship exhibits bilinear viscous behavior, typical of certain oil dampers having a relief valve. DirectX graphics is now the default. This includes a collection of common steel shapes used in Nordic countries. Russian material property library enhanced.