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As far as superhero games go, these two offerings may very well be the best ever created. The game will be played in third person mode as Batman you can use some stealth abilities, detective skills and gadgets in game. The game features the characters from both Capcom video games franchise and Marvel comic series. But this is Gamers decide, so it wouldn't be fair unless we asked you for your opinion too.

10 Best Superhero Games for PC in

Be The Batman

We will be happy to hear your thoughts. The super moves are hilarious too. The game will be played in the third person perspective mode, and takes effect from games like God of War and Devil May Cry. There are comic book superheroes, and then there are graphic novel superheroes. So what Superhero games have you played that you think should be on the list.

Be The Batman

Looking for good superhero games for pc on different platforms? There are untold hundreds of nods to the Marvel comics, cartoons, and films, with various levels of humour aimed at both those fully learned and entirely new to the world. Batman can freely move around anywhere to explore the Arkham Ashlam.

This is an action and adventure game set in an open world. While your objectives are simple dungeon-crawling fare, there is surprising depth to the combat system. The moral quandaries of Bruce Wayne are the territory of Telltale in their retelling of the Batman universe. This is an action-adventure video game and has published by Sega. SpeedRunners is a fast and frantic competitive multiplayer game with the power to end friendships.

The best superhero games

Interactive Entertainment. This is an action-adventure game, which is developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Edios Interactive and Warner Bros. As player controls the Wolverine has claw and uses combats like light attack, heavy attack and grabs. Chalk one up to the mouse using Overlords Of Gaming. They always have been, and always will be.

This game was set within fictional characters of Marvel Universe, features many Superhero and Supervillains that appears in Marvel Comics. No I was quite disappointed with the game when it was first released as well.

The 10 best superhero games for PC

Alright, it's just one quest, but it's also my favourite superhero experience from any game of the last few years. We collected the best pc superhero games so far, superheroes like Iron man, X-man, Superman, Hulk and more. We know you like superhero movies like Iron Man and Batman. Eight fantastic superhero games, each worthy of your time and dedication. Irrational's two real-time tactical games pay homage to the era of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, mozilla firefox for windows xp home edition letting you control a squad of decent mostly Marvel analogues with a variety of powers.

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This was the focus of the famous Civil War storyline. In the game, the player can select a team consists of three characters to combat and knock out their opponents.

The world has comic book fever. This is a fourth installment part of Saints Row series and one of the best part.

The beauty of Marvel Super Heroes is the richness of the universe it draws from. Like with The Stick of Truth's fantasy theme, you sense that the creators are poking fun at superhero media because they love it. The Arkham games focus entirely on the exploits of the Caped Crusader, but what of the man beneath the cowl? Batman Arkham City is an action-adventure game, which is developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. There are also some really imaginative moments, like the opening sequence where you have to play as a not-suited-or-booted Bruce Wayne and the jaw-dropping plot point at the end.

The 10 best superhero games for PC

Ultimate Spider-Man has everything a Spidey game should have, from the quips, to the thwips, to the bevvy of iconic baddies. The game includes Catwoman as another playable character with a different story to complete in the game. Your email address will not be published. Why Gamers shouldn't be allowed to create their own costumes. In fact everything about these games is awesome!

No one makes open worlds quite like the guys behind Saints Row. This is an action role-playing video game which is developed by Raven Software and Published by Activision.

The fact Batman is a fully trained Ninja does probably help though. Building on the stellar execution of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady pulled together a bigger and better sequel.


The sandbox series Saints Row began as a gang-based action title stuffed with street battles and car chases. Even if you're not a fan of Power Rangers-type shows, you can tell that Chroma Squad was put together with love.

In which the player can choose a faction, Gender, body type, personality, movement, weapon, and power. In this funny and colourful tactical game, you're running your own show based in that genre, taking part in turn-based team combat against different enemies. The player controls the character of Hulk, while not in the mission the player can explore and visit different locations in the game. This was a surprise hit for me.

The big question, of course, is can Hulk do a fastball special with Wolverine? The entire game has its tongue so far into its girlfriends cheek, that you might find yourself playing as much for the gags as you do to actually beat the game. Superhero games, are for the most part based on the comic books they were spawned from.

Comic book movies have a habit of going a bit dark and moody. You play as Jackie Estacado, born into a mob family but wanting nothing to do with it.

Then all of a sudden you could play as Iron Man and fly around the place blowing up cards with your hands. Oh, and do keep an eye out for Conan O'Brien's masterful tour of the Bat Cave if you get a chance when playing.

Injustice lets you truly get inside the mechanics and tactics of a superhero bust-up. The veiled jibes at the Mass Effect series are hilarious.