Suzuki Boulevard C50 Service Manual

Use the new bushing to prevent fuel leakage. Also check the fuel valve for cracks. Broken bearing in steering stem.

Indicates a potential hazard that could result in death or injury. Make sure that the each spark plug cap and spark plug are con- nected properly. Be careful not to scratch the fuel tank.

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Loss of balance between right and left front forks. To shift properly, pull the light will come on when the rear clutch lever and close the throttle brake is operated. Worn or burnt camshaft journal. Use new O-ring and oil seat to prevent oil leakage. Measure the ignition coil resistance in both the primary and sec- ondary windings.

Check that there is no play in the front fork. If oil into each spark plug hole. Place the motorcycle on the The battery is a sealed type bat- side stand. No need to buy anything else.

The fuel injector can be checked without removing it from the throttle body. Clean or replace the air cleaner element frequently if the motor- cycle is used in dusty, wet or muddy conditions. Apply grease to the swingarm pivot bearings.

Take your entire manual with you on every journey. If the speed sensor and connection is all right, replace the unit with a new one. Mileages are expressed in terms of kilome- ters, miles and months for your convenience. If no abnormal noise, the bearing removal is not necessary. Always apply air pressure to the mesh side of the air cleaner element only.

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Slow down on slippery sur- faces, unfamiliar terrain, or when visibility is reduced. Wear a helmet, eye protec- tion, and bright protective clothing.

Pay attention to the following points. If each drive plate is not within the standard range, replace it with a new one. Engage the universal joint to the propel- ler shaft first and then engage it to the secondary driven bevel gear shaft.

If any de- fects are found, replace the spacers with new ones. If any damages are found, replace the master cylinder with a new one. The fuel tank in the above illustration is lifted to show the fuel hose and coupler clearly. However, the crankshaft journal bearings can be installed by using the following special tools.


Switch voltage is not within the following range. Valve clearance out of adjustment.

Also, do not use a genuine Suzuki auto- mobile oil filter on this motorcycle. Suzuki recommends that customers use alcohol-free unleaded gasoline whenever possible. Use a hook type spring adjuster or Suzuki spring adjuster, Part number to adjust the rear suspension spring. Given the mint condition of the manual when I unwrapped it, it's hard to believe it traveled from the other side of the globe, parupalli ranganath telugu devotional songs with lots of stops in between. Carrying A Passenger This manual can increase your mental or advanced riding skills riding enjoyment and safety.

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The helmet holder is located on To place the motorcycle on the the left side below the rear seat. Improper repairs for an explanation of the fuel or adjustments may damage injection system indicator. If the clearance checked is noted to exceed the limit specified, replace the fork or its gear, or both. Float chamber fuel level too low.

Indicates special informa- instructions closely to ensure tion to make maintenance easier emission compliance. The fuel in the fuel tank is pumped up by the fuel pump and pressurized fuel flows into the injector installed in the fuel delivery pipe. Warm up the engine before adjusting the engine idle speed. Carbon buildup on piston crown.

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Be sure to face the short portion A backward when installing it. If no abnormal noise, bearing removal is not necessary.

Suzuki Volusia & Boulevard C50 Manual