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He is a member of Kibbutz Be'eri. In the municipal election campaign, she led a struggle against the refusal to publish women's pictures on buses in the capital and was active against the exclusion of women. Served as head of the Eshkol Regional Council in the Gaza vicinity area since and was one of the most memorable faces from Operation Protective Edge. He chaired the Alalouf Committee which presented a plan for reducing poverty at the cost of billions of shekels, but the plan was not implemented. He lost the mayorship in the municipal elections.

It is possible to combine purchases. He learned the secrets of the profession from his mother, who was a journalist and ran an orphanage in Acre. Swid, who is an observant Jews, lives in Ra'anana.

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In the past, he served as chairman of the Likud headquarters in Jerusalem. Cohen, a Holon resident, is an account and lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Kiryat Gat's deputy mayor. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer them!

In the past two years, Folkman has been serving as a strategic advisor to the public and third sector. Meanwhile Eli Yishai's Yachad party is demanding the Election Committee investigate voter fraud and irregularities. Following the Carmel disaster, I started a foundation which supports the firefighting and rescue system.

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Amsalem lives in Ma'aleh Adumim. Galant was born and raised in Jaffa. Blindstamped, giltstamped spine cover. Galant sees himself as a defense minister candidate on behalf of Kulanu.

Paypal Credit and debit cards will be processed via the mentioned processor as well. He served as chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel.

In the past, he took part in an urban renewal project and worked in the Jewish Agency. Exchange for another item from the store is also an option.

We ask all our buyers to contact us prior to sending an item back. Trajtenberg was secured on the Zionist Union list by Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni, and was the party's finance minister candidate.

Now they are moving up to a higher league. She then served as an assistant to the attorney general in the Prime Minister's Office. He also served as executive director of the Rashi Foundation. He served as Kiryat Bialik's deputy mayor and a social activist for underprivileged populations in the Haifa, Krayot, Acre and Nahariya area. He served as the director of the Born to Freedom Foundation, which works to secure the release of Israeli prisoners of war and owns security and strategic consulting firms.

Since we don't charge shipping for books, you don't need to make request a separate invoice. His most recent position was vice president of the Israel Land Development Company. During her first year of college, after failing to receive a scholarship, she traveled to Japan to work in a market stall in order to pay for her studies. He served in the past as a legal advisor to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel in the Haifa and northern region.

She is also an adjunct professor at Sha'arei Mishpat College and serves as a consultant to private companies in matters of criminal law. He led the committee established to recommend economic measures after the social protest. She has voluntarily represented victims of violence and sexual assault. She lives with her partner and twin daughters. Originally from Nazareth, she now lives in Acre.

About two years ago, he was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu as a public representative on the Equal Share of the Burden Committee. She comes from an Iraqi family and is married to Reuven, herpes dating in nyc an expert in Middle Eastern affairs and an advisor to the Jerusalem District Police commander on Arab affairs. She began her public activity as a student.

Like Trajtenberg, Svetlova was also secured on the list by Livni. Served as an officer in the Sayeret Matkal elite unit.

Tajtenberg was born in Cordoba, Argentina. Minor wear, minor damage on the top and the bottom of spine cover, tears on both spine joints extremes. At the beginning of the election campaign he announced that he would run against Netanyahu for the position of Likud chairman, but later decided against it.

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For any additional questions feel free to contact us, we are eager to respond to all of your questions! The former editor-in-chief of the Walla! In case we are on holidays state, religious, personal or other the item will be shipped the first next working day. Let's meet Israel's new Knesset members.

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We are committed to help the public with its real hardships. After that, the buyers will be sent a reminder and after that a case will be opened.

ArtStation - Svetoslav Petrov

He is an Israel Prize laureate and appears to be a natural candidate for the Social Affairs portfolio, if Kulanu receives it. He is married and has three daughters and a grandson. Galant is named after Operation Yoav, an operation his father participated in during the War of Independence. He lives in Tayibe and was elected as the city's mayor in the past.

He is one of the first conscientious objectors in the Arab-Druze community. He has been socially active for years, mostly voluntarily, and works in real estate. He is married with two daughters. Yona served until recently as a professor of philosophy of education in Ben-Gurion University's Education Department a senior research fellow with the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute. She also worked as a bank clerk.

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She has served as the mayor of Arad for the past four years on behalf of the Yisrael Beytenu party and was the first Soviet immigrant to be elected mayor. Broshi's most recent position was secretary-general of the Kibbutz Movement. An expert in public diplomacy, a former director of the Jerusalem Municipality's Strategic Planning and Strategy Department and an advisor to the Jerusalem mayor.

He is one of the first physicians in the village of Yarka and one of the leaders of the Arab-Druze Initiative Committee. Shasha-Biton was born and raised in Kiryat Shmona, where she has served as a councilwoman for the past six years. Also there is a possibility that some item may end at customs inspection in your country. He has two academic degrees in civil engineering and geodetic engineering from the Technion.