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Vpl wedgie in pajamas

That's why I tend to prefer underwear up to my mid or belly button, it just feels more supportive. It adds nothing to the discussion. If you are prone to get infections and bad smell, stay away from too tight and synthetic panties. My boyfriend loves my body so I don't have to worry about dressing sexy to turn him on.

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Even my boyshorts from aerie give me wedgies and everything other than bikinis seems so impractical. My post was directed towards people with heavy periods with stubborn stains. So I actually did start going commando at home, wearing nothing under sweats or shorts.

Maybe go commando at nighttime as well. Get cotton or whatever other natural fabric panties, let your vagina breath. If you've got a big round ass and you go for tanga, that's probably not gonna work out well. It absorbs the sweat a lot better and actually let's your vag breathe.

They're not as good in preventing wedgies like actual boys briefs but they're definitely cuter. Either way, I don't have the guts to try it in public. Don't mention you're trans again, but you won't because you're an attention whore and you need the validation that comes with asserting you're no longer an undesirable worthless excuse for a man.

My post was directedIt adds nothing to the discussion