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Wenlin displays TrueType fonts by means of the FreeType library, described below later in this chapter. The Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese package includes some powerful and full-featured fonts. The Monospace font will be used for the missing letters. Monospace means that all letters are the same width, as though produced by a typewriter. It is quite friendly with system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

Wenlin is a Unicode plain-text editor with special emphasis on Chinese language, learning, and lexicography. You probably already have other compatible fonts on your computer, and more are available from other sources.

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Open, Edit and Save your Chinese and other text files. It can only be used within the Wenlin application itself. Advertisements or commercial links.

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FreeType supports TrueType. Wenlin, however, relies on a platform-independent software library called FreeType.

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Wenlin 4.3.2

In contrast, FreeType is a relatively small, simple, straightforward library of source code for displaying fonts. It looks best at large sizes or when printed at high resolution. Sexually explicit or offensive language.

You see it in the stroking box if you check the plain check box. Grab your stuff while you still can. In Wenlin the ways to mix different fonts in a single document are limited. The complete Wenlin enables you to edit the dictionary, to add new vocabulary and modify definitions. You might never need to look for fonts elsewhere.

You can specify one font for pinyin, and another for Hanzi. It works the same, except that you need to locate a font file instead of a document. This font is plain and simple, and quite legible at most sizes.

The Demo doesn't include any sound files. Why does Wenlin work this way?

The Plain Hanzi font or, for some rare characters, the Bitmap font will be used for any missing characters. It contains pinyin but not Hanzi. This is the default Hanzi font. Try inputting characters by phonetic Pinyin conversion the Convert command or by handwriting recognition the Brush tool.

Rubicon Computer Labs created an electronic version similar to the Stempel version which Wenlin Institute licensed and modified to include all the Unicode letters needed for pinyin with tone marks. Some such fonts may be found in the Wenlin software package. The Font menu enables you to use the fonts included with the Wenlin software package, as well as Unicode fonts which you may obtain from other sources. You can install Gentium and GaraWen in the usual way if you would like to use them in other programs though you can use them in Wenlin without installing them. For the OpenType version of this font, suitable for use with programs other than Wenlin e.

Wenlin specializes in the Chinese-related subset of Unicode. The Free Edition of Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese includes many of the features of the Deluxe Edition, house full movies putting many useful dictionary and text processing tools at your fingertips. During our testing we have noticed that Wenlin carries out a task very quickly.

The Monospace font is only usable by Wenlin, not by other programs, since it isn't stored in a conventional file format. Besides the font mixing just described, it is not possible to mix multiple fonts and font sizes in a single document. An ordinary font selection dialog will be displayed. At small sizes you may find it more legible than Song.

For the most part the font settings made in the Font menus are used for all main windows and sub-windows. What do you need to know about free software? You specify the location and name of the font file, which may be abbreviated or different from the font name that the operating system or other programs would display. Unicode supports an astonishing array of writing systems, and it is a challenge for any single developer to support them all. Others are included in your operating system, or may be available online from font and software providers.

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If you do choose a different FreeType pinyin font, then that font takes over the role of Gentium. Wenlin was reviewed by Ana Marculescu.

The built-in text editor enables you to read, write, edit, and print Chinese text, combine simple and complex Chinese characters, and select between different encoding methods e. This characteristic is useful when you want text to line up neatly in columns. Features listed below are described in detail elsewhere in the Wenlin User's Guide. The purpose of the program is to help you practice and improve your Chinese language skills.